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Television production around the world has been stalled due to the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus. As lockdown restrictions continue, The Grand Tour is among the vast list of Amazon Prime series put on hold amid the current uncertainty. The entertainment industry has recently been dealt some major blows in the ongoing fight to halt the spread of coronavirus. As non-essential workers are being advised to stay indoors and work from home whenever possible, filming and post-production has been stopped for popular TV series.

As well as restricting people to their homes, world leaders have also put a stop to commercial flights around the globe. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

The Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed the team were planning on travelling to Russia for the third episode. Sadly, the trip was set to take place in March and was swiftly cancelled when the coronavirus outbreak began to spread. If the planned trip to Russia for episode three had gone ahead, the Top Gear trio and their formidable team of camera operators could have been stranded abroad. But we're using the time to prepare for the one after that so we continue onwards!

The Grand Tour star confirmed the third of a planned season of four specials will no longer go ahead. No location for what would have originally been episode four has been revealed, but it seems this trip has taken precedence over the planned tour of Russia for the foreseeable future.

Then there's all the back and forth and that's before Amazon gets it. They keep it for five weeks. Jeremy Clarkson gives update on next The Grand Tour episode. Jeremy was also able to confirm some bad news regarding series producer Andy Millman. The Grand Tour Amazon Prime.That episode hosted Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond as they travelled Cambodia and Vietnam by boat, an exotic romp which amounted to a fun departure from the trio's other journeys. Since then, fans have been twiddling their thumbs in wait for the next episode of The Grand Tour, which we know is on its way on an unspecified date this year.

While it hasn't been included in the list of new shows coming to Amazon Prime Video in November - meaning we will likely have to wait until December - James May has recently spoken out to stress that the upcoming Russia episode is far from cancelled.

Two more specials have been pushed back by the health crisis, since international travel isn't isn't as simple as it once was. Below, we'll explain what we know about The Grand Tour season 4 episode 2's release date, as well as its next, Russia-based episode. Zoom in on the car at the front.

The release date of The Grand Tour's next episode is likely to be revealed on November 18,based on the teaser image from Amazon above. A trailer is coming — we expect to find out that the episode will be released in December. It's previously been confirmed for a release date by Amazon. Two more episodes, likely from the same series of specials, are delayed because of coronavirus and the current concern around international travel.

There's a virus you see and it's making international travel tricky. Coronavirus is still spreading in some parts of the world, obviously, so while we know episode 2 of The Grand Tour season 4 inyou will have a longer wait for more episodes. After this Madagascar episode, then, you will likely be waiting until for the next episode of The Grand Tour season 4. We started on the very same beach that a Scotsman was eaten the other day.

The shallow lagoons around there are snorkeling hotspots — but it doesn't give us many clues of what to expect from this next episode. We do know that the hosts were "marooned" on a tropical island in November during filming for this special miles away from their crew, but they eventually made it out of Madagascar alive and well.

Presumably the trio will be wreaking as much havoc as ever. A now-removed job vacancy for a team member you can handle "grumpy officials" has now been pulled. With the capers the three have got up to in the past, lord help whomever gets that gig.

Yes, the next Special will land later this year. Yes, we wanted to go to Russia. Yes, we will try again. Yes, we will keep you updated.

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TheGrandTour July 7, As per the post above, we know that the next episode of The Grand Tour will drop inbut it looks like that'll be in November at the earliest. That's because it doesn't appear in the list of new shows coming to Amazon Prime in October courtesy of Mashableso we may have to wait a little longer.

When asked by a fan on Twitter for release details in SeptemberClarkson simply replied "ask Amazon". The company confirmed a launch for the Madagascar special earlier this year, but we still don't have to a more specific date than that.

Clarkson said it was "pretty much read to go" via Twitter a while ago, so the ball is seemingly in Amazon's court. When asked again in OctoberClarkson said "I have no idea. However, the following episode, filmed in Russia, is up in the air over the current health crisis. James May explained this in a chat with The Sun. He also stressed that he and the team "would rather wait a bit longer rather than rushing it for the sake of it and coming out with something half-arsed.

To reassure eager fans, James May spoke to the Radio Times to emphasize that the Russia episode isn't going anywhere, despite it being "on hold for all the obvious reasons.

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The Grand Tour Season 4: What Happened To The Madagascar Special?

See more TV news. Most Popular Most Shared.The programme was conceived in the wake of the departure of Clarkson, Hammond, May and Wilman from the BBC series Top Gearand originally contracted with 36 episodes over three years. When the programme was launched, it followed a similar format to that of Top Gear between andincluding car reviews and timed laps, motoring challenges and races, studio segments, and celebrity guests, with the team using a studio within a large tent during this time; in its first series, the tent was located at different locations across the globe, before taking a fixed site within the Cotswolds.

Episodes were released weekly to Amazon Prime Video accounts, and repeats of the first series were made available on traditional broadcasters in late The Grand Tour is released to viewers across more than countries and territories, [9] attracting favourable viewing figures since its premiere episode, [10] and receiving positive reviews from critics.

Throughout the first three series of the programme, the format was focused on a similar arrangement to that of Top Gearinvolving a mixture of pre-record television films - a mixture of single or multi-part films - and live-audience studio segments, though for legal reasons it was designed with significant differences to avoid clashing with the BBC 's motoring series.

Films focused primarily on car review, motoring challenges, and road trip journeys, often based around those of Top Gearsuch as a challenge in which the presenters have to purchase a class of vehicle and see which is the best through a series of tests given through text messages from the show's producer. Alongside these episodes, the programme's format between to also included special episodes based around the specials of Top Gearfocused on the presenters travelling on journeys in a specific type of vehicle or class within a foreign locale.

Like Top Gearcar reviews on The Grand Tour functioned in a similar manner in which the presenters, either on their own or with their colleagues, take a look at various cars and test them out on various aspects such as performance, handling, and quality.

Reviews are conducted in varying locales abroad, or within the United Kingdom, including a specially designed racetrack, parallel to the Top Gear Test Track, called the "Eboladrome".

The track is not only used for reviews, but also for conducting timed laps of vehicles that are reviewed, except for ten cars which were timed outside of filming before the launch of the first series.

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Timed laps are conducted by a professional driver assigned to the programme - while the first series involved former NASCAR driver Mike Skinnerwho was contracted to operate under the name "The American" and portray a stereotypical redneck accent and viewpoints alongside scripted character traits, [21] [22] the poor reception to his involvement led to him being replaced by British racing driver Abbie Eaton for the second and third series.

Studio segments were primarily filmed within a large studio tent that could house an audience of around[30] with the presenters sat around a trestle table and the audience seated in front of them. Celebrities were not initially part of the programme to begin with, due to concerns over legal issues that the BBC could raise if it competed against the celebrity format used in Top Gear. As such, the programme created a humorous segment for the first series entitled "Celebrity Brain Crash", which involved celebrities being "killed" in an accident while making their way to the presenter's tent - the segment was done for comedic effect, and either involved an actual celebrity who was filmed briefly for the segment before their death is staged outside the tent's location or with a look-alike, or involving someone representing them, despite not being clearly identifiable.

This segment was later dropped in response to complaints made by viewers, [23] [32] leading to the decision that celebrities would be a part of the programme for the second series in a new segment entitled "Celebrity Face Off". Much like Top Gear's "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car", the segment involved two celebrities, who shared similar backgrounds or connections to certain elements e.

The timed laps for this segment not only involved a different track, but also used a Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic coupe to create the lap time. When the programme was first conceived and created, the production team opted for the creation of a dedicated test track for the purpose of being used for reviews of testing of vehicles by presenters, alongside the establishment of lap times by cars that are reviewed. The track was eventually sited at the former RAF Wroughton airbase, with its layout consisting of two loops - one large and one small - connected by a single stretch of tarmac between them and christened as the "Eboladrome", due to the design of the track resembling the structure of the Ebola virus.

The track was dropped from use from the programme after the third series.

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The track appears in Assetto Corsawhere players can even drive Formula One cars around the track to achieve even faster lap times. For the second series, the production team decided to create a second track for the specific purpose of being used in the newly created celebrity segment "Celebrity Face Off". They eventually decided to situate the new track at Enstone Airfieldclose to the fixed studio tent location - a site originally planned for use with Top Gear.

The track was dropped from use in the second series, although was briefly involved in a motoring challenge during the third series. With this, Amazon and the team have retired the current studio and audience format, including talk segments like Conversation Street, track and lap time content on The Eboladrome and other smaller features, in favour of films dedicated to road trips and adventure specials. Clarkson, Hammond and May had been presenters on BBC 's Top Gearboth as part of the rotating hosts of the originaland permanent hosts for the rebooted series up through Under them, the show had an estimated worldwide audience of million, and listed by Guinness World Records as the highest-viewed factual television programme.

Both May and Hammond affirmed they would not return to Top Gear without Clarkson, even though the BBC offered them lucrative salaries to remain on for additional series. Shortly after his separation from the BBC, Clarkson stated his intent to start a new car show, saying "I have lost my baby but I shall create another.

I don't know who the other parent will be or what the baby will be like. In JulyClarkson announced he had signed a deal with Amazon to develop a new car show that followed a similar format as Top Gearwith both Hammond and May joining him as co-hosts, and Wilman producing. Wilman stated that Amazon promised them to have the freedom they wanted to make the show how they wanted along with the necessary budget. Additionally, by using a subscription-based service over an advert-based network, they would not be beholden to commercial pressure for their advertisers.

The show's name, The Grand Tourwas revealed in May Clarkson said the name brought to mind the tradition of Grand Toursand reflected how the show would travel to several different countries to film.

Initially, the show's format was to present individual television filmsusing location shooting without studio segments. They would be able to use local audience members, and would give the hosts the opportunity to explore the local culture around cars. On 13 Decemberwhile shooting the final episode for Series 3, it was announced that the show had been renewed for a fourth series.

Wilman said that lawyers for Amazon were very mindful of any perceived similarities in segments to Top Gearrequiring changes to the format and regular segments.

For example, the lawyers said they could test cars on a test track, but they could not post the times using hand-written signs as they had done on Top Gear ; instead, they used a digital leaderboard.No studio, no racetrack and no challenges.

It seemed as if the days of regular programming that were brought across from their former network — and a career which spanned 25 seasons collectively — had finally come to an end. It got many of us asking, is The Grand Tour season 4 cancelled? Well, yes, as we knew it before. But not entirely. Originally, two one-off specials each year. Producer Andy Wilman, when speaking with DriveTribepromised feature-length episodes shot in the far corners of the world with the three amigos doing what they do best.

As we enter the latter half ofthough, and with the first episode now well and truly in the rearview mirror, it quickly left us questioning if the second special would ever make it to Amazon Prime Video this side of Christmas.

We started on the very same beach that a Scotsman was eaten the other day. In March ofThe Grand Tour Presents had also lined up the filming of a third special in Russia, but uncertainty around the global pandemic quickly halted production in its tracks. Yes, the next Special will land later this year. Yes, we wanted to go to Russia. Yes, we will try again.

Yes, we will keep you updated. As for a specific release date? Well, that remains to be confirmed as per the tweet above. We have one pretty much ready to go and when this virus business is settled, we will head off to do two more. So while we wait for the next episode of The Grand Tour, pass the time with this interview we did with Jeremy Clarkson back in He talks about his experiences hooning in Australia, the one car he wishes was never discontinued, and the looming end of internal combustion engines….

Published on 10th November by John McMahon. Written by John McMahon.The Grand Tour season four is compromised solely of specials - the first being Seamen which was released on December 13, The rest were due to follow shortly after but instead, fans have had to wait a year for the arrival of the newest episode.

Originally, the series was supposed to drop on Prime on Friday, December 18 but Jeremy, James and Richard decided to release the series early. In a hilarious video posted on The Grand Tour's Twitter account, the trio joked they were 'fed up' of being asked when the series was out, so decided to bring the release date forward. The video was captioned: " And just like that, AMassiveHunt is released early. All those marketing plans… wasted. It's on Prime Video now.

Can you find it?

the grand tour season 4

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The fourth series of the motoring show has been split up into different parts, which focus on James, Jeremy and Richard visiting different parts of the world in unique cars. Production was put on hold thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, which means the trio were forced to postpone their planned trip to Russia for episode three of series four.

Unfortunately, a release date for this episode has not yet been confirmed yet by Amazon Prime Video. First, the trio arrives on the island of Reunion where they get the chance to race three sports cars around one of the most expensive stretches of tarmac to exist, which even stretches out into the sea.

Teased as "their toughest journey yet", James, Jeremy and Richard are then tasked with finding hidden treasure which has evaded fellow adventurers for centuries. Of course, things are never simple and the trio find themselves travelling across the Indian Ocean to the island of Madagascar. To make the journey even more of a challenge, James, Jeremy and Richard travel one of the world's toughest terrains in three sports cars, designed for smooth race tracks.

In a bid to make their journey more comfortable, viewers will watch on as they try to modify their sports cars for the journey. The synopsis for The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt teases: "Once in Madagascar an adventure of Indiana Jones proportions unfolds as they and their cars battle across the beautiful but car killing landscape in search of their goal.

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How many episodes are in The Grand Tour series 4? But there is some good news for fans of The Grand Tour. I do like a pirate; I fall for the romance of it. The Grand Tour Scotland special release date: When is series back? James May addresses 'bad tempered' TV appearance Jeremy Clarkson feared he'd die alone during coronavirus battle.

Amazon Prime The Grand Tour.The audience felt quite a relief after the renewal news for The Grand Tour Season 4. Amazon officially announced the fourth season on December 13,even before the release of the third season.

Even Clarkson also announced the renewal at the final episode of the third season. The Grand Tour is a British motoring series of Amazon.

The show follows a similar format as that of Top Gear. The Grand Tour features a collaboration of live-audience segments and pre-recorded shoots. It also focuses on reviews of cars, motoring topics, celebrity timed laps, races, and particular motoring challenges. The show debuted in November when Clarkson was dismissed from Top Gear.

His dismissal took place because of his indisciplined behavior during and behind the scenes of the show. Along with the renewal news, Amazon also confirmed that the team had retired the current studio and audience format. On behalf of that, the fourth season will present the films committed to road trips and adventure specials.

the grand tour season 4

Clarkson got quite a little emotional when he bid farewell to the studio segment in the last episode of the third season. So life will be a bit easier just doing the specials. Moreover, the three hosts, Clarkson, Hammond, and May will start producing their shows based on their own interests for Amazon. Hammond and May have already announced their solo projects. Meanwhile, James May will leave on a quest to Japan to understand the unique, extraordinary, and complex country.

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According to the host Jeremy Clarkson, The Grand Tour has pulled off their plans to film their next special to abroad because of terrorist threats. He revealed that May and Hammond were planning to drive across the Sahara to Timbuktu. However, the plan canceled as the threat of terrorism is too damn high in those places.

Google searches revealed that nearly all of them have an Isis presence. The third season of the show ended on April 12, Therefore, the show will almost take another year to come back on Amazon. The first two seasons of the show released at the mere end of their respective years, along with the third season in January The wait is finally over as Amazon's popular series The Grand Tour has produced an actual date for season 4's return, although the show may be unleashing a second tease on its cult following.

Fans have been teased with The Grand Tour season 4 before. The Grand Tour Presents Now, that is a tease! The Seamen episode featured the classic trio trading their clutch-pushing legs for sea legs and followed them on a boating adventure of epic proportions.

The Grand Tour season 4: How many episodes are there as A Massive Hunt special airs?

Of course, it featured all of the teams' usual fun antics. In its description on Amazon, it was labeled as "the first of a series of feature-length specials. The second episode or feature-length special, teaser, or whatever fans would like to call it is airing on Amazon Prime on December 18,which means there is something good to cap off this brutal year.

This special will take the team to Madagascar, where they will hunt for pirate treasure and modify vehicles for sandy, wet, and rainforest environments. Viewers will be thrilled to finally get a chance to hang out with the three best friends. However, they may have to hold onto that enjoyment for quite some time. See the official trailer below :.

the grand tour season 4

Coronavirus has been a hot topic these days, and its reach has shut down everything, from bars and shops to the entertainment industry, even in the UK. The trio was set to go to Russia but that trip has been postponed, rather than cancelled. James May has also confirmed that there is a Scotland special which has already been filmed. This begs the question, what is the future of The Grand Tour?

Most individuals would be fine with the comedic gold that comes from this happy little trio traveling. Others may be upset if specials are all the show offers since they typically don't review fancy cars when they do challenges. One thing on every fan's mind is whether the traditional idea of seasons is ending. With James May's comment, it seems that the team's intention is to release a new episode or special once a year.

It's ideal for the cast, as they get to explore the world and do what they love, but bad news for fans who have to suffer a full days with no new content.