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phone number max length

The format is as follows no spaces used when I stored it in the phone :. Posted on May 22, AM. International standards recommend a limit of 15 or 16 digits, but it's probably up to individual carriers to decide what constitutes a valid phone number.

The iPhone itself imposes no particular limit, nor does its Contacts app.

Max length of call when dialing out to a free phone number in the USA

You'd have to ask BT if they impose a limit. I'm not certain what you mean by "diverts" but I have used phone numbers with suffixes that total as much as 37 digits. May 22, AM. Just curious, is there a need to tap the screen? You can insert pauses by inserting commas in the phone number when storing it in Contacts. As long as the BT service uses consistent times for the dial tone to appear, you should be able to make it work.

Each comma equals about a half second pause, perhaps one second, something like that. Page content loaded. Hi John, thanks for the reply. This works if I use the keypad to type the digits but as you can guess a little boaring to do every time but from a saved contact it only seems to dial the phone number, pause untill I hear the dial tone and tap the screen, then only dials the first 17 digits of the remainder.

Call forwarding might be a better term than divert - Anyway it sets the phone number that will recieve the calls to my business landline. Having them in contacts would not only save time it will save me looking them upbut prevent me making mistakes and ending up with a total stranger recieving calls.

For some reason putting commas in the suffix, means that the phone will dial the whole of the suffix. I'm guessing they reset some counter. So long as a block of digits is not more that 17 long it works, for me anyway. More Less. Communities Get Support.When creating a database, programmers typically stop and scratch their heads when deciding on a maximum data length for the field. Similarly, hackers fuzzing a field may wonder how many characters should be allocated to the target.

phone number max length

Although there are no definitive standards, we can come close using governmental standards, ISO recommendations, and database best practices based on maximum known values. Below are common database fields along with their maximum recommended allowable length and data type.

Remember that in most databases, there may be no overhead distance between a smaller sized field and a larger sized field. You can err on the side of caution and allow more characters but the practice is not considered secure.

Here are the recommended maximum data-length limits for common database and programming fields

The longest in the world in New Zealand is 92 letters long. Longitude 9 with 6 decimal places 6 decimal positions for. Previous post: Amazing park benches turn mundane seats into stunning works of art. Next post: Why are students at Texas State University dying to have a good time while officials ignore the elephant in the room. Products Dr. Earn guild tokens by shopping with Geek Slop. Use your tokens to access exclusive content and members-only products.

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The longest street name in the United States is 34 characters long. Currently the longest country name in the world is 53 characters long.

Highly variable but the longest name in the US is believed to be a law firm with a 92 character name.By merylvingienMarch 15, in Miscellaneous. I know that most uk numbers are 6 digits not including the area code, but i was wondering if the US is the same or different. Many thanks. And there is also the country code 1 to consider. In the US, you usually do have to include the country code in order to call a number in the US that is outside of your area code - or even calling someone in your area code but you want to specify the area code for some reason.

For example, if I want to call my friend Texas and I'm up in New York different area codeI would have to dial a full We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted March 15, Hi Folks, anyone know if there is a set length for a standard USA phone number?

Having already googled this, i cant seem to find any info that is definitive. Link to post Share on other sites. US phone numbers are 7 digits long without the area code. Posted March 16, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing.

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Sign In Sign Up. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept.A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunication to assign telephone numbers to subscriber telephones or other telephony endpoints.

Telephone numbering plans are defined in each of administrative regions of the public switched telephone network PSTN and they are also present in private telephone networks. For public number systems, geographic location plays a role in the sequence of numbers assigned to each telephone subscriber.

Many numbering plans subdivide their territory of service into geographic regions designated by a prefix, often called an area code or city codewhich is a set of digits forming the most-significant part of the dialing sequence to reach a telephone subscriber.

Numbering plans may follow a variety of design strategies which have often arisen from the historical evolution of individual telephone networks and local requirements. A broad division is commonly recognized between closed numbering plans, such as found in North America, [2] which feature fixed-length area codes and local numbers, while open numbering plans feature a variance in the length of the area code, local number, or both of a telephone number assigned to a subscriber line.

It is an open numbering plan, however, imposing a maximum length of 15 digits to telephone numbers. The standard defines a country calling code country code for each state or region which is prefixed to each national numbering plan telephone number for international destination routing.

Private numbering plans exist in telephone networks that are privately operated in an enterprise or organizational campus. Such systems may be supported by a private branch exchange PBXwhich provides a central access point to the PSTN and also controls internal calls between telephone extensions. In contrast to numbering plans, which determine telephone numbers assigned to subscriber stations, dialing plans establish the customer dialing procedures, i.

It is the manner in which the numbering plan is used. Even in closed numbering plans, it is not always necessary to dial all digits of a number. For example, an area code may often be omitted when the destination is in the same area as the calling station. National or regional telecommunication administrations that a members of the International Telecommunication Union ITU use national telephone numbering plans that conform to international standard E.

Within the national numbering plan, a complete destination telephone number is composed of an area code and a subscriber telephone number. The subscriber number is the number assigned to a line connected to customer equipment. The first few digits of the subscriber number may indicate smaller geographical areas or individual telephone exchanges. In mobile networks they may indicate the network provider.

Callers in a given area or country sometimes do not need to include the particular area prefixes when dialing within the same area. Devices that dial telephone numbers automatically may include the full number with area and access codes. Country codes are necessary only when dialing telephone numbers in other countries than the originating telephone. These are dialed before the national telephone number. This reminds the subscriber to dial the international dialing prefix in the country from which the call is placed.

For example, the international dialing prefix or access code in all NANP countries iswhile it is 00 in most European countries. Telephone administrations that manage telecommunication infrastructure of extended size, such as a large country, often divide the territory into geographic areas.

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This benefits independent management by administrative or historical subdivisions, such as states and provinces, of the territory or country.

Each area of subdivision is identified in the numbering plan plan with a routing code.Apparently the ITU recommendation E. That does not include the international access code, e.

In fact, looking at this Wikipedia pageFinland has some 5-digit international access codes, andso if you dial using these then it could be 20 digits. The only country I can think of that has longer numbers than the North American 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx 11 digits is Greece, which has the international prefix, then digit local numbers, with no area code, making 12 digits in total, i.

Edit: France also uses digit local numbers, but these all start with a zero, which is dropped when you call internationally, so 01 xx xx xx xx becomes xx xx xx xx, making the total lenght only 11 digits again. If you look at international dialling codesthe international prefix is longest from a particular network in Venezuela, and the longest inward-bound dialling code is… Guantanamo.

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If someone from Venezuela were using Veninfotel Comunicaciones to dial him, they would be dialling 16 digits. Actually I suspect that Germany might be a contender. That equates to 12 or 13 digits when you include the international code, So to dial that number from Finland, using the 5-digit international access prefix I mentioned above, you would have to dial:.

I am either on another call or hiding in a cave. Your call is important to us, Inshallah.

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Can you give an example? There needs to be a country code added in some circumstances. Hmm, if I am reading that page correctly, the maximum number length is still 12 digits, excluding the international access code.

It does indeed make 15 digits if you include the international access code from the USAbut the German example I gave would be 16 digits if you included this. You still have to dial the international access code - in the US or 00 in the UK.

So unless anyone can find any counter-examples, I reckon the answers to the OP are:. Theoretically, 15 digits plus an international access code which can be up to 5 digits, making a total of No, there is no standard length. Germany appears to have the longest telephone numbers currently in use, with 13 digits plus an international access code, thus requiring up to 18 digits when dialling from certain countries. When dialling within Germany, you have to dial the initial zero of the area code, so German domestic numbers can be 12 digits long.

The example I gave would be dialled as North American numbers have the form 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx, and UK numbers are mostly 01xxx-xxxxxx or x-xxx-xxxx or 02x-xxxx-xxxx, all for 11 digits. There are a few shorter numbers in the UK, but no longer ones. In fact I think I have found some even longer German numbers. Looking at the Wikipedia page on German area codesthere are quite a few 5-digit area codes not counting the initial zero in the 03… range.

Googling on a few of these came up with this page with a whole bunch of phone numbers in the town of Kleinmachnow with seven digits after the code.

Clean Mobile Numbers list using Len and Right functions in Excel

It reminds me of the episode where he wants to call a company in Japan because a box of Japanese detergent has a logo that looks like his faceand asks the librarian if he can use the phone at the front desk. Then he dials about 25 digits.

Researchers complained that their extensions could not be reached from some foreign countries, so 13 digits seem to have not been supported all over the world, at least a few years ago.

phone number max length

Longest telephone number in the world?Does anyone know if there is a max length of call when dialing out to a free phone number in the USA. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I will be more than happy to assist you today! Calling landlines and mobiles using Skype Credit: All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial after a 4-hour duration and an additional connection fee will be charged on re-dial.

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Search the whole site Calling Skype Search Community member. Does anyone know if there is a max length of call when dialing out to a free phone number in the USA I just got cut off after 3h59m59 secs!! I have the same question 0. Hello lemlattimer, My name is Juan Pedro and I'm a fellow customer and expert user.

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